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    Springfield Youth Hockey Association


    Registration is open to sign up and pay for your team fees.  If you wish to pay offline in full by check to avoid the credit card fees, please contact Jeff Kallenberger at

    Practices start on Tuesday, Sep 4 and it is important that you be registered before you can participate in practices.  Consult the website for your practice times and not that practices times are different on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

    Here is the link to register:

    Please contact Jody Flaro with any questions. cell 417.712.1021

    PeeWee Team

    Thank you to everyone that attended the PeeWee tryouts.  As discussed last night, we will only have 1 PeeWee team this year:

    1. Boyer, Coltyn
    2. Brown, Matthew
    3. Daniels, Nikita
    4. Delong, Kasen
    5. Gale, Peter
    6. Haertling, Ava
    7. Hagemann, Brayden
    8. King, Ian
    9. Kotowicz, Garrett
    10. Linville, Ayden
    11. Lygrisse, Luke
    12. McCracken, Preston
    13. Pallohusky, Aidan
    14. Potter, Bracken
    15. Spencer, Tony
    16. Thomas, Kaylee
    17. White, Logan
    18. Wynn, Jay

    Bantam Teams

    Thank you to everyone that attended the Bantam tryouts.  The Bantam teams are as follows:

    Bantam A

    1. Allen, Brady
    2. Buckman, Kurt
    3. Brown, John
    4. Bussen, Cal
    5. Crow, Braden
    6. Fisch, Megan
    7. Gale, Nick
    8. Low, Nicholas
    9. Peters, Will
    10. Pumphrey, Cooper
    11. Robb, Gage
    12. Shimp, Wyatt
    13. Trousdale, Noah
    14. Werner, Zahn
    15. Wirth, Wyatt


    Bantam B

    1. Baumgardner, Matthew
    2. Cardin, Delaney
    3. Engelmeyer, Zach
    4. Fair, Curtis
    5. Haertling, Jack
    6. Harristhal, Sam
    7. Kallenberger, Alec
    8. Kuzas, Conrad
    9. McCracken, Easton
    10. Messenger, Will
    11. Nieman, Hogan
    12. Ripper, Logan
    13. Shumaker, Jeb
    14. West, Jake
    15. White, Kevin

    JV Team

    Thank you to everyone that tried out for the JV team.  Please note that this roster is fluid, meaning that players can be sent down and called up from Varsity throughout the year.  The roster size is also subject to change.  Bantam players that did not make the JV team need to attend the Bantam tryouts.

    1. Brackett, Houston
    2. Cardin, Major
    3. Cooper, Ty
    4. Curnutt, Myka
    5. Eckhardt, Campbell
    6. Fisch, Josh
    7. Gale, Matthew
    8. Greene, Cameron
    9. Kallenberger, Gabe
    10. Kuzas, Jimmy
    11. Leif, Eric
    12. Lutzke, Madison
    13. Lutzke, Nick
    14. Miles, Chase
    15. Parker, Cale
    16. Peabody, Hunter
    17. Robinson, Zachary
    18. Skibinski, Matthew
    19. Turner, John
    20. Wheeler, Calvin

    SYHA Membership 2018-2019

    Each SYHA family is required to pay a $250 membership fee for the season.  Membership fees are non-refundable.  Families that volunteer time equaling 25 credits (or approximately 25hrs) will have their membership fee reimbursed at the end of the season.

    Here is the link to register:


    This program is for boys and girls ages 9-18.

    Want the hockey skills development without all of the games, travel and expense of full Spirit Competitive Travel Hockey?  

    Practice twice weekly with the age appropriate Spirit Travel team (ie Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget).  Teams practice on ice for 1.25hrs and have 30 minutes of Off-Ice Instruction on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

    Play in a year end tournament in St Louis in March.

    Fees - $500/season

    To register or learn more, please contact Jody Flaro, cell 417.712.1021,

    2018-2019 Practice Schedule

    Teams will practice on Tuesday and Thursday evening beginning Sep 4, 2018

    Tuesday’s - Systems Focus

    5:45-7:00pm – East – Mite & Squirt

    6:45-8:00pm – West – PeeWee A & B

    7:15-8:45pm – East – Bantam A & B

    8:15-9:45pm – West – JV / Varsity


    Thursday’s - Skills Focus

    5:45-6:45pm – East – Mite & Squirt & PeeWee B

    7:00-8:00pm – East – PeeWee A & Bantam A & B

    8:15-9:00pm – East – PeeWee A & Bantam A & B

    6:45-7:15pm – West – Goalies & Squirt & PeeWee B

    7:15-9:15pm – West – JV & Varsity

    * Please notify your coach is you will be unable to attend any practice.


    There will be no practices on:  Nov 22, Dec 25, Dec 27, Jan 1.


    This program is for boys and girls age 8 and under, and is designed to prepare kids for competitive travel hockey.  Optional games will be available in cities including Kansas City, Jefferson City, St Louis, Springdale AR, Tulsa OK.

    Equipment is available to borrow for free.

    Practices are twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:45pm-6:45pm.  There will be cross-ice games for the last 15 minutes of every practice after the first 2 weeks of each session.

    Session 1 - Sept 5-Oct 12, 2017
    Session 2 - Oct 17-Nov 30, 2017
    Session 3 - Dec 5-Jan 30, 2018
    Session 4 - Feb 1-Mar 6, 2018

    Fees: $125/session or $450 for all 4 sessions - You may join at any time and pay a prorated fee.

    Players are required to be registered with USA Hockey ($48 annual fee).

    To register, click on the link below.  For questions, contact Jody Flaro, cell 417.712.1021,


    This program is for boys and girls age 18 and under.

    This is competitive travel team hockey.  Teams play 35 games per season.  Team travel approximately one weekend per month to play 3-4 games.  Travel destinations include: St Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, NW Arkansas, and Tulsa.

    The season runs from Sep 1 until mid-March.

    Deadline to register is December 31.

    Fees: See Fee Schedule below

    Please contact Jody Flaro to register, schedule a player evaluation, or obtain additional information - cell 417.712.1021

    Varsity / 18U-AA Team

    Thank you to everyone that tried out for the Varsity/18U-AA team. 

    Please note that this roster is fluid, meaning that players will be sent down and pulled up at the discretion of the coaching staff throughout the year.  The roster size is also subject to change.  In short, every player needs to continuously earn their position on this team, and every player on the JV team has the potential to be called up.  Players that did not make the Varsity/18U-AA are expected to attend the JV tryouts.

    1. Bauer, Nick
    2. Brusherd, Parker
    3. Caine, Tyler
    4. Dannegger, AJ
    5. Dannegger, Nicholas
    6. Flaro, Taylor
    7. Johnson, Andrew
    8. Loven, Gavin
    9. Loven, Graham
    10. Lutzke, Zane (G)
    11. Moon, Ryan
    12. Ripper, Nolan
    13. Sisco, Braden
    14. Stack, Sam
    15. Wasie, Jason
    16. Williams, Taylor

    2018-2019 Spirit Travel Teams & Fees

    Mite (8U) - $500 

    Squirt (10U) - $1,200

    PeeWee (12U) - $1,400

    Bantam (14U) - $1,500

    JV  - $1,800

    Varsity / Midget Major (18U) - $1,800

    * payment plans are available for all registration fees and SYHA has a couple of fundraising opportunities as well as financial aid for those in need.

    Goalies receive a 50% Discount off of team registration fees.

    Families with multiple players will receive 10% off of each players team registration fees.

    Thinking About Playing Hockey?

    If you would like to learn more about our Learn To Skate, Learn to Play Hockey, House League, or Competitive Spirit Travel Hockey, please feel free to contact:

    Jody Flaro

    Vice President, SYHA

    cel 417.712.1021



    The SYHA Board of Directors has decided to make neckguards REQUIRED for all SYHA activities in the 2017-2018 season.  This includes tryouts, practices and games.  Players will not be permitted to step on the ice for tryouts without a neckguard.

    Springfield Youth Hockey Association

    Springfield Youth Hockey Association (SYHA) is a not-for profit organization founded in 2001 during a grass-roots effort to bring competitive youth hockey to the Springfield, Missouri area. SYHA is a member of Missouri Hockey Inc., the USA Hockey governing body for this area. If you're new to the area or if your child is interested in learning more about the SYHA program, please contact any one of the Board members by clicking on the SYHA Board link above.

    SYHA Mailing Address:
    2733 E. Battlefield, PO #221 • Springfield, MO 65804